Internet Leased Line

An Internet leased line is a premium internet connectivity product, normally delivered over fiber, which provides uncontended, symmetrical speeds with full duplex i.e 1:1 for uploads and downloads. It is also known as an Internet leased line, dedicated line, data circuit or private line. Radinet Provides dedicated Internet Leased Line on Fiber with higher uptime and redundant network

  • Unparalleled Service Level Guarantee
  • Easy scalability within half hour of Call / Proper Documentation
  • Premium Service dedicated to an individual customer with 24 x 7 Networks Monitoring Service and Technical Helpdesk

Dark Fiber

A dark fibre network or simply dark network is a privately operated optical fiber network that is run directly by its operator over dark fibre leased or purchased from another supplier. This is in contrast to purchasing bandwidth or leased line capacity on an existing network. Dark fibre networks may be used for private networking, or as Internet access or infrastructure

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